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10 Powerful Tips to Save Time on Instagram!

10 powerful tips to savetime on instagram

Instagram has rapidly become a popular influence marketing platform in India. It comes with the coveted tag of being the fastest growing social media platform and boasts of a per-follower interaction rate higher than Facebook. Now, that is a considerable feat for a platform that hosts more than 600 million users. Given these incredible numbers, it might seem an easy task to find Instagram influencers who can grow your brand on Instagram. However, it is easier said than done. Here are some Instagram Marketing tips that will let you get the best out of Instagram

1.Get your feed layout right

This is where most Instagrammers get it wrong. There is a lack of strategy as to how your feed should look like and what should go out on your feed every day. You need to work out a social media strategy that allows you to maintain the aesthetics of your feed so that curated, high quality content can keep flowing.

2.Plan your posts in advance

Waiting everyday for that post inspiration may not be the best strategy for you. Working on the original photographs, developing the graphics and editing them is a time consuming process and it is, therefore, ideal to have your posts ready to go well ahead of time.

3.Make good use of scheduling tools

There are various scheduling tools that can help you with automatically posting on a pre-scheduled time. This way, if you have a user base which is based in a different time zone, you need not mess up your sleep just for clicking on ‘post’.

social media posting tools

4.Be ready with the captions

So the photo is clicked, editing is done, the frames are set and all that the post needs is an attractive caption. Waiting till the last moment to decide on a caption may backfire. It is a good practice to think of a caption in advance.

5. Don’t hold back on templates

Ever spend so much time on creating the ideal aesthetics for your post only to find out there was a template readily available all along? Make the best use of templates.

6. Prepare standard responses

Invest some time in preparing a set of standard Q&As so that you don’t have to type out the same response repeatedly. You can do this by activating Quick Replies on Instagram.

7. Plan your Hashtags

Hashtag research takes up a lot of time. Make a list of your frequently used hashtags so that you have options readily available while creating the captions.

8. Create multiplatform posts

Instead of spending time in creating posts for various social medial platforms; try repurposing the posts to fit all platforms. This is a huge time saver.

9. Never mix content generation and engagement

Every Instagram influencer marketing company out there will tell you that there are two facets to handling a profile’ content creation and engagement. Switching between these tasks is arduous and it will be in your best interest to allot specific timings for each.

10. Using desktop instead of mobile

While Instagram is a strictly mobile based application, there are lots of tools available on the web that will allow you to work seamlessly from a desktop computer. It is so much easier, not to mention faster, to do the nitty-gritty adjustments on a computer than on a smartphone.

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