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Micro Or Macro Influencers – Which Is Best For Your Brand?

Micro Or Macro Influencers – Which Is Best For Your Brand?

If you are scrounging the web for information on Micro or Macro Influencers, chances are that you are already aware of Brand Influencers and Influencer Marketing. Over the past few years, Influencer Marketing has evolved as the preferred digital promotion strategy for big and small players alike. If your company is mooting the viability of […]

Influencer Marketing

topinfluencers: Best Influencer Marketing in India

How to Find Best Influencer Marketing Company in India

At Topinfluencers, we have the largest database of social media influencers who have a great fan following. They have their own niche audience in lifestyle and beauty or food and travel or fitness and health, sports, automobile design etc. If you are looking at setting up and launching an influencer marketing campaign for your business, Topinfluencers is the best influencer marketing agency that can mentor you through this process. Topinfluencers will help you ideate and develop a strategy and then to execute the plan as well as evaluate the success of your influencer marketing campaign.
It is paid partnership and product placement in advertising that can help you launch your product across various social media channels.It presents a tripartite benefit for the brand, the consumer and the influencer.Topinfluencers maintains an excellent partnership with social media influencers who have proven successful in developing and executing marketing strategies. They can provide you with excellent advice about the best suited influencer and marketing strategy for your business.

Influencer Marketing


Introduction to Influence Marketing

Two brands of cricket bats available in the market. One endorsed by Lionel Messi and the other by Sachin Tendulkar. Which one would you go for? A no-brainer, right? Let’s make it a bit more interesting then. Two brands of biriyani masalas; one endorsed by Sachin Tendulkar and the other by Sanjeev Kapoor. Which one would you choose? Sachin fans please skip this one, I would say!

The 21st century consumer is sassy. He can distinguish between a brand ambassador and a brand influencer. It takes more than traditional advertising to convince him. Businesses that are still stuck in conventional advertising will soon have the rug swept from under their feet. Advertising has come a full circle where people are quick to say no to celebrities who have nothing to do with the brand they endorse, whereas they will happily take the word of an expert, however insignificant of a celebrity he is.

Influence Marketing Introduction