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10 powerful tips to savetime on instagram

10 Powerful Tips to Save Time on Instagram!

Instagram has rapidly become a popular influence marketing platform in India. It comes with the coveted tag of being the fastest growing social media platform and boasts of a per-follower interaction rate higher than Facebook. Now, that is a considerable feat for a platform that hosts more than 600 million users. Given these incredible numbers, […]

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New instagram Updates 2019

Top Instagram Updates Influencers Need to Watch Out for.

With over 500 million followers, Instagram is the most popular platform for Influencers. Aware of its potential in Influencer marketing, Instagram constantly revises and upgrades itself to be more user friendly. Here we explore the evidence of some of these exciting new updates 1. Shop Directly on Instagram Stories There is already a feature where […]

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how you tube influencers make money on youtube


There has never been a better time to use your YouTube influencing skills to earn money, and loads of it, from your channel. How much money are we talking about here? Well, we hope you are sitting down for this. Take your average celebrity YouTuber with, say, around 30 lakh subscribers. He walks away with […]

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best Platform works for Influence Marketing

Which Platform works best for Influence Marketing?

Today, Influencer Marketing is the favored approach by brands to connect with their consumers and intended audience. Influencer marketing is an understated way of popularizing your brand through platforms tailor made to suit its identity. Be it the visually engaging Instagram, or the powerful audio-visual medium of YouTube, there is also blogging and a number […]

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