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COVID-19 – An Outbreak Shift To Social Media

Covid 19 - Top Influencers

The outbreak of COVID-19 not only pushed us in a health crisis globally but also changed the way we perceived our daily life and the surrounding environment. Rate of contagion and transmission patterns are enough to threaten the human ability to refrain from doing things that we were inherently doing. With social and physical distancing, people are acknowledging the surrounded threats. Everything is getting reinvented from human sense from daily practices to the technological environment, and with that, it has also shifted the paradigm of social media.

Social media platforms have already been recognized as a powerful force that can easily reshape the perception and experience of an individual. From small retailers to large enterprises are leveraging all its power to reach customers. Even for individuals, it is becoming a forefront partner amid a lockdown situation. Every social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok has been experiencing a major shift on a usage basis, i.e. social media marketing activities that were done before and after the COVID-19 by individuals, society, businesses, and at societal levels. Let’s have a simple walk-through on those changes,

  • Increased Screen Time

As people are staying at home during the lockdown period, screen watch time has been increased to almost 50%. People are spending several hours browsing the social media platform as everything is being made available on these platforms, i.e. live streaming, games, movies, social connections, etc. from the comfort of their home. Not only this, but people are also taking advantage of this time in learning many new things through online platforms. Top influencers in social media and many celebrities are also sharing their homebound DIY activities or other hobbies, which has also increased the interests of the users. To make it more interesting many challenges are also being posted on various platforms such as handwashing Dance, safe hands, istayhomefor, quarantine, etc.

  • Helping and Uniting the People

In this period of isolation, everyone is fighting their own battle and facing many different scenarios. But social media is again proved its integral significance in bringing the people together. Through fundraising programs, many relief efforts are being paved for the people who are facing the crisis. Top influencers are also carrying out the live streaming to raise funds across the globe for people, no matter what geography the needy person is there, all bits of help is being extended to them. Many organizations, social media marketing campaigns are now aligned to this new objective only. 

Covid Mask - Top Influencers

This period of COVID-19 is the scariest period of the decade that has changed the discernment of people about everything. Many things can’t be changed, but yes the strategy of dealing with such problems or issues can be changed. And this is where social media platforms are helping us. Although it’s not correct to stick to these platforms all the time, thus one needs to acknowledge how they need to get positively inspired through them. You never know which of your hoppy can bring a big break in your life.

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