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Fashion Influencers and How They Transform The Fashion Industry?

Fashion Influencers - Top Influencers

Keeping in mind, the rage and vogue for a startup environment, almost every youngster is dreaming to start up something of his own to own the world. Though, the age of disruption should also not be forgotten. In this highly competition-driven world, it is nothing less than a wonder that the fashion industry is morphing from inside. As we know, it’s a digitally-driven era and it is here that fashion brands such as Zara, H&M, Forever 21 have the caliber to completely flip the fashion industry and its working ethics and norms from its head. Now, let’s talk about the fashion influencers and bloggers that really are taking the lead by revamping the fashion industry norms.

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The New Buying Mentality –“ See & Buy” : In this fast-moving world, consumers now don’t really have the time to wait and then buy. With everyone’s easy accessibility to the internet, millions of purchase options with huge variety at affordable prices are available; shoppers don’t really mind doing online shopping. With utmost consideration to the new influencer marketing, the big fashion brands are making sure that every new fashion trend is well adopted, produced, and delivered within weeks to stay in the business. And at times, they are required to offer mega-discounts and undercut the prices to stay ahead in the fashion game.

This change has led the big fashion industries to look up to the measures adopted by fashion influencers such as to consider the internet for their marketing as well as sales requirements in the long run.

Filling the Gap- By Social Media & Fashion Influencers:  As per the Mintel Research report analysis, 35% of young US Women admitted that they consider social media and established fashion influencers as their main reason and influence for their online shopping especially in the fashion segment.

The business industries now completely understand the fact that the online world is not only a place to sell but it is a great platform to communicate and reach directly to your target audience such as the influencer marketing has been doing. This is why, the new trend is that fashion influencers are not only adding up as an asset to the fashion industry, they have actually become an integral part as a mediator between the customer and the clothes story.

Fashion Influencers - TopInfluencers

The Right Way to Choose The Right Fashion Influencer: Before reaching out to the hit list of fashion influencers, the best way is to know and understand your target audience. It could be well interpreted that targeting influencer marketing is not similar to the traditional ways of standard marketing and its ethics. The right way to approach your target is to, first of all, creating a full list of their profile, such as their surfing patterns, the kind of fashion blogs they are into, their following list on twitter, what do they focus on photos or content and their online pattern and timings. After getting into all of this, now you can get into the details and choose the one that best suits your fashion message.

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