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how to add music to Instagram stories

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a versatile tool but there is always more room to get innovative. The recently introduced music feature is one way to grab attention for your instagram influencer marketing strategy. Instagram launched the music sticker in the Instagram 51 version on iOS and Android only and in a few countries before making it available to the global community.

You have the option of selecting music before you record the video or adding it during the video editing process. Simply tap the music sticker icon that appears as a square with a smiley face at the top of the screen. A new screen opens up that lets you select your song from popular, moods or genre.

What Kinds of Music Can You Choose?

The best Instagram influence marketing platform works with influencers who make use of stories to capture people’s hearts and gain their trust. If you wish to grow your account to the next level you can use stories and music to do so. You may also search by album or artist based on popular genres be it pop, rock, heavy metal, classical or even jazz music. Then decide the length of your song which may not exceed 15 seconds.

You Can Add Lyrics to Instagram Stories

The latest feature enables addition of lyrics to your stories making Instagram as user friendly as a karaoke app which the youth really love! Your friends and followers can watch the video as well as sing along.

Best Practices for Using Music in Your Instagram Stories

If you’re wondering how to start instagram influencer marketing campaign, simply read on. Chose the desired snippet from the song and it will appear on your story. Make sure you choose the best portion of the song to drive home the message you want! When you create your story and add the music sticker, if a song’s lyrics are available they just pop up on the screen and you can edit them to fit in with the requirement of your visuals. You may choose appropriate fonts, sizes, designs or effects.

Alternative Way to Add Music to Your Instagram Stories

When you want to have a song in the background of your Instagram story, just play the song on your smartphone, open Instagram and start capturing the story but do make it a point to minimize ambient sounds. Adding your favorite music or even a background score can elevate your story making it both appealing and effective!

Stories increase audience engagement and get Instagram influencers their trust. Using the swipe up feature in the story you can drive more traffic to your website. Polls and contests linked to stories can also help you increase your followers and make your account a roaring success.

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