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How To Expertly Use Hashtags To Boost Social Media Presence?

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No business today can afford to stay away from the social media platform in this digital era. Social media platforms have already proved their astounding performance in user engagement and sales growth. It has already ended the geographical boundaries.

But the ability of social media platforms can only be realized if the brand places its social media strategy appropriately by using every factor that adds value to it.

Hashtags are one of the critical aspects that need to smartly work to strengthen the effectiveness, visibility, and reach of the social media post. Everyone knows about hashtags but not well enough, if not used correctly then they can easily break the credibility of the brand. If you want to see the efficacy of hashtags, then check the patterns or posts of any social media influencer. Let’s understand here how to use hashtags to increase social activity.

Hashtag – What Are They?

Hashtags start with a logical symbol i.e. a hash or pound (# – an octothorpe). They connect the content to a specific event, theme, topic, or conversation and make it easy to discover the posts having similar characteristics. Let’s walk through the basics of hashtags,

  • It starts with # without any other symbol, space, or punctuation.
  • Are only effective if social media account is under the public category, else non-followers can’t view the posts.
  • Hashtags need to easy and short.
  • Always try to have relevant content in place, not too obscure.
  • Don’t use too many hashtags, limit the count.

Benefits of Using Hashtags

  • User engagements get an increase.
  • Increase in the number of followers.
  • It can build and boost the reliability of the brand.
  • It allows you to add the logical context to your post through words.
  • Easy to target the audience.

How To Choose the Right Hashtags?

right #tag - Top Influencer
  • Follow social media influencers and other competitors to understand the patterns.
  • Use social media tools such as and RiteTag to generate the hashtags and see what is more trending.
  • Review the successful posts to analyze the hashtag contents.

Social media platforms have opened the doors of opportunities for businesses, but only when one knows when, where, and how of this system. So, use it wisely!

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