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How to Get Verified on Instagram

how to get verified on instagram?

Having the coveted blue badge of verification lends authenticity to social media accounts. The verified status spells credibility for celebrities, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, musicians, actors, bloggers and influencers alike. Moreover, it distinguishes you from impersonators. Here’s all that you need to get your account verified-

  1. To get verified status on Instagram your account must be authentic. It must embody a real person or a certified business.
  2. The person or business should be a unique one of a kind and it must be a public account. So add a bio, profile photo, and at least one post.
  3. Lastly, it should be distinguished – a renowned and highly searched for brand or entity. So you must focus on popular hashtags and use them for ensuring your posts have a wider reach.

If your profile meets these discerning standards of Instagram you could be on your way to getting that enviable blue checkmark against your user name! This stamp of verification brings with it a few privileges and access to some special features. Having a verified account can help you collaborate with the best brands with the aid of an Instagram influencer agency.

Since scams and impersonations are rife on social media in Asian countries, a renowned Instagram influencer marketing platform tends to prefer verified accounts. So you stand to gain a lot from a streamlined verification process. It could help your verified account get global recognition.

Here are a few easy steps to get your account verified on Instagram

1) Go to your settings – click on the 3line icon in the top right corner and select settings.

2) You will see the option ‘request verification’.

3) Fill out an easy form that needs the following information:

Username: (Type the username of the Instagram account you need to be verified)

Full name: (As on your legal documents. For a business account enter company’s registered name)

Known as: (Again Your name or the company’s name)

Category: (Select the closest match)

Photo identification: From documents such as- driver’s license, national identification card, passport, and official business documents, bank account documents, tax documents)

As Instagram doesn’t have an official timeline for the approval process, you have to be patient. A positive or negative response may be given directly in the notifications tab of the Instagram app and it is the first step to succeeding in Instagram influencer marketing India

The prized blue icon get Instagram Influencer noticed and identified by sponsored advertisers, prevents brand theft and helps you network with the best influencer marketing agencies!

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