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Influencer Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales

Influencer Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales

Influencer marketing in India has captured every sphere of the digital marketing industry that comes to your mind. Be it fashion, beauty and grooming or food and travel. Consumers are really relying on the opinions of their peers more and more for buying new products and services. With social media platforms like YouTube resorting to multilingual content to gain more outreach, brands promoted by influencers are going to reach every nook and corner of India!

Here are some strategies for influencer marketing that can help you drive sales like never before.

1 Prizes and Giveaways :

Top influencers on YouTube are more popular than movie stars or politicians in India. Indeed they are household names. They have their own YouTube channels with an ever widening fan base of subscribers. So influencers can offer exclusive giveaways with your products or services. Offering these free of cost to tap their followers and making them like or follow your brand is to the benefit of your brand.

2 Sponsorships and paid promotions :

Marketing to influencer is equally important. The influencer who promotes your brand must at least be convinced about its value. Then, influencers can take over the social media accounts making posts on a company’s behalf via their own posts, stories and videos. They post stories, pictures and videos about their experiences that lead to more engagement and translate into greater brand presence and success. Influencers can also make guest posts on the company’s social media pages allowing the company to tap their huge fan following.

3 Promotional events :

Promotional events in partnership with top influencers in India would gather a lot of attention and social media coverage and attract consumers as well as establish brand identity

4 Brands must partner with the right influencers :

The first strategy would be to find the right influencers for your brand. Top influencers on Instagram have slowly changed our lives, having their sway over the way we dress, eat, vacation or think. A company can build a long-term association with a popular influencer with a growing following. It helps to cash in on their expanding population of followers over a period of time. These can be converted to customers for your products and services.

5 Coupon codes :

Coupon codes can be incorporated in the influencer’s creative content to give an incentive to people who make a purchase. Their Instagram stories can have a swipe up link to drive more traffic to your site. Posts that have content related to your brand can be recommended or referred by influencers to guide consumers to buy a product or service. That being said, an influencer needs to be kept motivated. If they are rewarded for getting the maximum number of likes, sales or engagement it would help boost your company’s sales as well.

More than half the Instagram users decide to buy products after reading an influencer’s Instagram story. There is such a social media proliferation that if you chose the right strategy with top influencers, you can skyrocket the popularity of your brand or service through influencer marketing!

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