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Introduction to Influence Marketing


Two brands of cricket bats available in the market. One endorsed by Lionel Messi and the other by Sachin Tendulkar. Which one would you go for? A no-brainer, right? Let’s make it a bit more interesting then. Two brands of biriyani masalas; one endorsed by Sachin Tendulkar and the other by Sanjeev Kapoor. Which one would you choose? Sachin fans please skip this one, I would say!

The 21st century consumer is sassy. He can distinguish between a brand ambassador and a brand influencer. It takes more than traditional advertising to convince him. Businesses that are still stuck in conventional advertising will soon have the rug swept from under their feet. Advertising has come a full circle where people are quick to say no to celebrities who have nothing to do with the brand they endorse, whereas they will happily take the word of an expert, however insignificant of a celebrity he is.

The Definition Of Influencers

A brand influencer is someone who is a subject matter expert in a certain niche and already has a huge following that he engages with regularly. So when a seasoned YouTuber employs YouTube influence marketing to endorse a brand through his YouTube channel, covertly or overtly, the audience needs no further convincing. With global internet-penetration numbers shooting through the roof, you will see brand influencers subtly endorsing products through their social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc. 

Today there is a plethora of social media channels from You Tube and Instagram to Twitter and Facebook. These have evolved as per user behavior and demands. Now you can identify people who are into YouTube influence marketing as well as influential on social media and tap their popularity to your advantage to reach your consumers.

How it All Started?

It began perhaps when members of a royal family endorsed a luxury product for the very first time. Actors, sportsmen and other celebrities soon followed and they earned millions in endorsements. The advertisement and marketing campaigns they participated in were indeed a success.

What influence Marketing Can do?

Let’s talk some numbers here.

90% of businesses say their returns from influencer marketing are better than traditional marketing channels.

85% of marketers say influencer marketing is effective for their businesses, and 40% say it’s very effective.

These numbers show a clear pattern. The benefits of Influence marketing is tangible and might just be the spur your business needs.

Influencer marketing has unlimited possibilities. Any kind of business can benefit from it. One of the best facets of what influence marketing can do is that social media users often share knowledge and experiences. So your brand or product could become a hot topic within hours! Since millennials spend most of their time online and get all their information from it. These trends clearly show how powerful Influencer marketing can be.

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