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Instagram Ads Guide – An Amplified Platform For Businesses!

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No one can deny the fact that how Instagram is a great platform for presenting creative’s and visual content because it holds a strength of more than 929 million users across the globe. Instagram ads are also acting as effective straw for businesses to not only build strong customer engagement but also to generate sales. It is serving as a pivotal instrument for organizations under the social media marketing umbrella.

But to curve up and realize the benefits of Instagram ads marketing, it’s not that easy. One needs to work thoroughly to understand how they can use this wonderful platform to generate more profits and more engagement.

Before starting the work on an Instagram ad platform, one has to answer few significant questions such as target audience, ad copy format or style, content-type, type of images or videos that will be used, and importantly how to track the conversions, which is critical to assess the performance and success of Instagram ads.

Here, we’ll walk you through the essential steps on how you can strategize and start an Instagram ads marketing campaign most simply and quickly. Let’s start

Instagram Ads – What Are They?

They are stories or posts that businesses use to promote their products or services through Instagram feeds. Any post or story that is labeled as “Sponsored” comes under the Instagram ads category. Call-to-action buttons or links are also included to get the sale conversion from web traffic.

Instagram ad formats include Carousel ads, Stories ads, Video ads, Photo ads, IGTC ads, Explore ads, Collection ads, Instagram shopping ads. Each ad type serves distinct business objectives and includes different call-to-action options.

How to Select the Instagram Ad Type?

This is the most difficult question that one needs to answer as it is directly connected to the business objective. To start with, identify the goal which you want to achieve i.e. to notify people about a product or to maximize sales. Review the existing social media marketing strategy, look at what all changes are required, understand which Instagram ad format will be most suitable to a business goal, check how organic feed can be increased. To validate, run a few sample Instagram ads and make changes as needed.

Ways to Advertise on Instagram

Two ways are there using which you can advertise on Instagram. The first option under Instagram ads marketing is promoting the existing posts directly through the app but you can’t customize anything in this, only sharing is allowed using your business or creator Instagram account.

The second option is to do the same through Facebook Ads Manager as Instagram is owned by Facebook. Both platforms are integrated, thus you can use the same platform to create Instagram ads. You first need to create a Facebook page and then connect the Facebook Page and your Instagram account to Facebook Business Manager.

Once the above step is done, type to start the ad creation, steps include

  • Select the ad objective.
  • Identify the target audience.
  • Select the ad placement.
  • Choose the schedule and budget.
  • Finally, get off with your Instagram Ad.

However, you can easily follow the steps but it is better to follow the best practices that easily engage the user like always pay attention while crafting the content, use images wisely, do not forget to do a timely assessment of your ads, and optimize as and when required.

Always keep an eye on the outcomes; measuring the performance with respect to the business goal is very imperative. Instagram is an exception business tool if intelligently used. Welcome to the Instagram ads marketing!

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