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Instagram Reel Launched in India – Best Platform for Instagram Influencers

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Are you an Instagram influencer or are you are an Instagram Influencer follower, in both cases, here’s some great news for you! With the recent Tiktok ban in India, many TikTok app entertainers were left hopeless. But, worry not. This ban on almost all Chinese apps in India has given the social platform a new pathway to outshine again. And, grabbing the opportunity just the right way, is Instagram. It recently launched a new short video surge- by the name Instagram reels.

The Face book owned app has got in this good news for all Instagram influencers that will lead to better influencer marketing and is reportedly said to be testing a TikTok like video feature “Reels”, which it successfully launched in Brazil last year November.

This seems like that Instagram is looking for ways to fill the deep void created by the ban on the Tiktok app, which certainly had its largest user base in India.

Till now, there is no specific date fixed for the launch of Instagram Reels in India. But as told to Business Insider by the Facebook spokesperson: “We’re are in the planning stage to start testing an updated and u[graded version of reels in different countries. Reels is a fun and creative way for people to both express themselves and get entertained.”

However, it can also be said that Instagram Reels in India is not only a matter of time but is also required as hundreds and millions of old TikTok users are vouching and scouting for alternative and similar platforms to house their creative expressions and talent.

With the Instagram Reels launching in India, it will surely going to upscale and revamp the old traditional methods of influencer marketing by the Instagram influencers. And, certainly, at the same time, it will ap the game of Instagram branding as well.

Taking into consideration, the other short video apps like Chingari, Mitron, Roposo, share chat’s Mojo, and many others have rolled out new and revamped versions of the user interface, revamped servers, and even tried to poach Tiktok users within weeks of the ban on the Chinese apps.

The Instagram reels launch in India will definitely see a new and better version of how Instagram influencers are exploring the app to influence and convince the target audience to buy or purchase something from an online portal. Competitors in the market are considering this as a new strategy to give Instagram branding a new shape on the social media platform.

TikTok had a great user base in India, with approx 200 million users in their kitty, now almost every big and small social media app is thinking of ways to grab this opportunity at the earliest.

Though talking about the timing of Instagram reels launching in India, this short video couldn’t have come at a better time, wherein the old TikTok users are looking for alternative ways to cast their expressions and talent.

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