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The Difference between Reach and Followers

Influencer marketing has already surpassed the print marketing industry and is expected to hit a $10 Billion mark by 2020. Over 74% of consumers trust social networks to guide their purchasing decisions, and that makes choosing the right influencers to promote your brand even more crucial.

In order to do that, you need to understand the difference between Reach and Followers. Simply speaking, Followers is the total number of people, i.e. unique and individual accounts, that have subscribed to an influencer on their social media. While Reach is the total number of people who actually see your content.

Take any influencer marketing platform in India, and you’ll observe that these metrics are used to quantify the results of influencer marketing campaigns.

As the number of followers is publicly visible and easy to monitor, it has been considered highly important in traditional media planning.

However, the social media algorithms show your content to only a fraction of these followers, based on the relevance of their profiles. Which means, the reach of your content is relatively lower than what you had expected based on the influencer’s followers count

It would, therefore, be a huge mistake to plan your influencer marketing campaigns, solely based on the number of followers. You might hire the best of India’s Instagram influencers or the most creative of India’s YouTube influencers, and yet fail to achieve desired results for your brand.

‘Followers’ is not as reliable:

Influencer marketing campaigns often involve multiple influencers, essentially from the same niche. That creates a strong probability of followers overlaps.

Consider, for example, you are running a campaign with 10 influencers with 10k followers each. The total number of unique followers for this campaign is very unlikely to be 100k, because there will be some common followers among these influencers.

Then the social media algorithms will filter down accounts that will be shown your content based on their relevance, further narrowing down the number of people who will actually see your content.

Tailor your campaign with ‘Reach’:

‘Reach’ as a metric is only visible to the influencers who posted the content. It is a common practice in influencer marketing to ask them for a screenshot of these stats. Having a better understanding of the performance of your campaign, you can tailor the next one more effectively.

There you have it. The difference between Reach and Followers to step-up your influencer marketing campaigns. If you have any doubts, feel free to discuss in the comments section below. And if you like what you read, share it with your fellow campaigners. Happy marketing!

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