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Top 5 Tech Influencers in India You Should be Following in 2020

Top 5 Tech Influencers in India You Should be Following in 2020

Does technology excite you? If you are someone who prefers the latest tech updates over the live cricket updates of an India match, this article is for you. Chances are the names featuring in this blog that are already known to you. But considering how excitingly competitive the technology- influencer niche in India is it is never a bad idea to find tech influencers in India that you may have missed out on.

A simple search on any of the best influencer marketing platform in India will reveal hundreds of influencers worth following. While we admit that it’s not been an easy task to shortlist five from an inarguably exhausting list, we have taken in to account various parameters like quality of the content, frequency of updates, engagement with followers etc. while drawing our final list. So, here goes nothing.

  1. Shout Me Loud By Harsh Agarwal:

No matter which parameters you employ, Harsh makes the cut, unfailingly. An engineer by education and a passionate tech blogger by profession, he has over a million subscribers, which explains why he will feature in a list drawn by any top influencer agency.

2. 9lessons by Srinivas Tamada

Known in the tech circles as the founder of ‘wall script’, Srinivas writes on various topics like Programming, Database, Web Design,  Ajax, PHP, Demos, Jquery, CSS and web apps. His blog offers comprehensive tutorials that have a huge fan following.

3. Labnol by Amit Agarwal

An IIT graduate with a six-figure salary in a corporate, it didn’t take much time for Amit to find his true calling as a tech blogger. He has written extensively for various renowned publications like Outlook Magazine, Wall Street Journal India, Economic Times etc.

4. Nextbigwhat by Ashish Sinha

Another IIT graduate who also did a management degree from IIM, he has donned several caps in his career. Eventually, his love for all things technological drove him to creating nextbigwhat, a blog that discusses everything from startup ecosystems to the latest Apple updates.

5. Guidingtech by Abhijit Mukherjee

Founder and editor of Guiding Tech (GT) Network, Abhijit specializes in how-to articles and breaking down the complex technology ecosystem for everyone to consume and digest. Guiding Tech (GT) deals with a diverse array of niches and one is sure to find something about everything new in the technology world here.

Well, this concludes our top 5 and we are sure we have raised a lot of eyebrows from the fans of Ankit Prakash, Ankit Kumar Singla, Geetesh Bajaj to name a few. While all of them are excellent tech influencers in India running successful brands they created, these 5 makes the cut for the parameters mentioned above.

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