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New instagram Updates 2019

Top Instagram Updates Influencers Need to Watch Out for.

With over 500 million followers, Instagram is the most popular platform for Influencers. Aware of its potential in Influencer marketing, Instagram constantly revises and upgrades itself to be more user friendly. Here we explore the evidence of some of these exciting new updates

1. Shop Directly on Instagram Stories

There is already a feature where an influencer can enable the use of a swipe-up action that directs social media users to a brand’s website letting them purchase merchandise. Brands tend to reach out to an Instagram influence marketing agency in India to collaborate with the right influencer who can help direct traffic towards the website that helps people make more purchases.

2. Revamping the ‘Explore Page Algorithm’

Explore page’s new version uses artificial intelligence and a huge database to figure out content that users are interested in. Called ‘channels’ this uses filters to help users select a channel be it food, fashion, art, travel or fitness, etc. Instagram will then display the content of choice. This makes Instagram more user-friendly and influencer friendly. Meanwhile TopInfluencers helps brands easily find Instagram influencers to reach their target audience while creating a unique experience for each user.

3. Customisable face filters

These are similar to the Face filters that help you transform the mundane selfie into something intriguing and fun. Social media users are not new to this form of amplified reality. They help you add on accessories to your image or mix and match them to create something unique.

4. Scheduling of Posts

Time is the key to productivity for influencers and social media managers. Staying on schedule with their blogs and posts is the most important task. Macro- influencers with business accounts will now be able to schedule posts without them being directly involved saving time and effort.

5. Follow option for Hashtags

When you follow a hashtag you find more content that you are interested in. So users get more relevant content in their feed while influencers expand their following. You may unfollow a hashtag whenever you please. Addition of hashtags can help create communities with similar likes and dislikes.

6. The Regram Button

Just like a retweet for Twitter, a user can post images from another person’s account to their own. This can popularise your brand by leaps and bounds. Regramming content from another can help you share content you like, while offering credit to the creator of the content.

All of these announced updates have sealed Instagram’s fate as the most coveted platform for influencers. One of the most user-centric platforms, Influence marketing company favour it because it help influencers reach out to a larger audience and grow their Insta fame.

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