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Which Platform works best for Influence Marketing?

best Platform works for Influence Marketing

Today, Influencer Marketing is the favored approach by brands to connect with their consumers and intended audience. Influencer marketing is an understated way of popularizing your brand through platforms tailor made to suit its identity. Be it the visually engaging Instagram, or the powerful audio-visual medium of YouTube, there is also blogging and a number of other influence marketing platforms in India.


An Instagram influencer marketing agency can give your brand a global social platform with immense visual appeal. Influencers on Instagram tend to accumulate a huge fan following form diverse cultures allowing you to build brand loyalty subtly but surely. Your brand identity can be established through visuals, blogs or stories. Influencers tag your brand, which effectively steers traffic towards you. More than 60% onliners use Instagram and you could post images, photos, videos and stories to increase your brand engagement effectively.


YouTube’s efficacy as an influence marketing platform in India is growing by leaps and bounds. There is a huge upsurge in users globally. This platform helps you direct your advertisements at your audience with precision and provides an easy access to your intended audience. A YouTube influencer marketing agency can ensure influencers tag your brand which helps you lock in on your target audience and make sure that they revisit your site. As an audiovisual medium it has a mass appeal. Consumers trust opinions and brands endorsed on YouTube by their idols. Unboxing videos, product reviews seen on YouTube are being valued now more than ever.


Stars are born on the internet by sharing their thoughts, views, and passions. These new age bloggers are trusted so much by their followers that they can help them form opinions and make buying choices. Precisely this is used in influencer marketing to build brand awareness. Via content, bloggers can direct more traffic to your site with valuable backlinks.


Facebook is also popular among social media with over a hundred million users. Marketing tools powered by AI can automatically assess the performance and identify influencers on Facebook as can we, at Top Influencers. Buyers view content as advice from the influencer and not from the brand itself. They are therefore easily convinced by the influencer who is regarded as a friend.

In the Indian market, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook influencer marketing seems to be the most popular mediums in terms of the number of users across all ages as well as genders. There is no doubt that generating swift brand awareness via Top Influencers is the only way brands choose to go!

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