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Why the Future of Influencer Marketing will be Organic Influencers?

Why the Future of Influencer Marketing will be Organic Influencers?

There is very little uncertainty in business circles about the fact that Influencer Marketing is the future of marketing. But, if you have been watching the best influencer marketing platform in India closely enough, it would have been hard to miss the slow, but steady fall of influencer marketing, at least in its conventional sense, over the past few years.

What explains the ‘lack of trust’ factor?

The whole rationale behind the success of Influencer Marketing was based on the ‘trust’ factor that comes with engaging subject matter experts or people who knew what they were talking about. Consumers could relate more to such influencers rather than a celebrity endorsement. However, that trust factor has taken a major hit over the last few years by a slew of frauds and scandals. Paid promotion has become so transparent that the average consumer feels that his intelligence is being mocked by the so called ‘celebrity influencers’. By presenting hyperbolic engagement rates and using fake followers, fake influencers have tried everything to cheat the brands as well as the consumers.

All of the reasons stated above have caused the market to undergo a major shift towards Organic Influencers.

Who are Organic Influencers?

Who are Organic Influencers?

Organic Influencers take influencer marketing back to its basics. These are individuals who ‘actually’ use your products or services and are, hence, in a better position to authentically review them. The size of their follower base rarely matters, what matters is their authenticity and the ‘trust’ they can garner due to the same. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on the recommendations of a low-key influencer rather than a celebrity influencer. This is one reason why YouTube influencer marketing platforms have started to showcase Organic Influencers in their fold.

Unlike influencers with followers running into millions, your brand has a better chance at having meaningful, direct interactions with an organic influencer. They are proven to be more attentive to your requirements and often go the extra mile in creating high quality content, because they already believe in what you have to offer. Building a community of organic influencers is sure to take time, but that is an investment call you have to take.

Now is as good a time as any to rethink your influencer marketing strategy to incorporate more organic influencers into the thick of things. Get in touch with an Instagram influencer marketing agency today to find out how organic influencers can change the tide in your favour.

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