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YouTube Stories For Influencer Marketing: All You Need To Know

YouTube Stories For Influencer Marketing

With more and more brands taking the leap into influencer marketing, it would be a good idea to zero in on the most productive platform for your business. For a long time, Instagram was the undisputed leader as far as Influencer Marketing is concerned. However, YouTube has made some remarkable inroads into this field, owing to which, YouTube influencers as a tribe are on the rise.  

There are many reasons why Influencers prefer YouTube influence marketing platform India for their media campaigns;

  1. It gives Influences direct access to users across the spectrum. This automatically converts into better conversion, a feat all influencers strive to achieve.
  2. For businesses who are trying to reach out to other businesses to sell their product or service, YouTube provides a better platform to showcase and educate. This is in stark contrast to the likes of Instagram or Snapchat, where the focus is entirely on display.

One area where YouTube as an influencer marketing platform was lacking was in the ‘story feature’, which appears to have been addressed now. The launch of YouTube stories truly makes it one of the most preferred platforms for influencers. Let’s see how you can get the best out of YouTube stories to reach out effectively to your huge subscriber base.

What are YouTube Stories?

youtube stories

It’s obvious that YouTube has drawn inspiration from Instagram stories, but there are marked differences between the two. Firstly, while an Instagram story disappears in 24 hours, YouTube stories will hold good for 7 days. Secondly, YouTube stories are available only to creators with more than 10000 subscribers.

Functions of YouTube Stories

  • Primarily, they will act as a bridge between the main video contents.
  • YouTube content creators no longer have to connect to Facebook or Instagram to give their audience a casual low-down on what is about to come.
  • These stories can contain links to your existing YouTube content
  • They can enhance the personal connection between a brand and its users.
  • A 30 second YouTube story is going to cost considerably less than a full-fledged video, hence cutting down on expenses.

Benefits of employing YouTube stories

The format offered by YouTube stories encourages casual and creative style of branding. The longer duration of the stories will allow viewers more time to ‘find’ it.

So, ready to give YouTube stories a try? Wondering how to find YouTube influencers? Find out here.

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